New Design and New Resolution

After a long time, I am glad by that I stopped procrastinating and finally took time to update this blog.

If you have been to my blog before, you would see a significant change in the design. It looks more refined and defined.

Having said that, its my first blog post after I moved to Colombo, Sri Lanka. Changing place of work, with change of role, isn’t the easiest thing to do especially if you are newly married. But, so far it has been one of the best location change that I have ever had. When people ask me about the city, I just tell them – Its like any other metropolitan city in India, less the population and pollution.

Now that my blog design is set and I am pretty satisfied with it, I have planned to follow a publishing schedule and stick by it at least for the next one year. I would be updating this blog twice in a Week –  Every Tuesday and Saturday. I would be posting articles on Life and Work.


Everyone has something to share, I also do. And that was the primary reason I started blogging few years back. I lived in Nigeria for 15 months, rounding up 18 of the total 23 states, travelling 20,000 KMS by road in a span of 6 months, and then moved to Madagascar and stayed there for about 18 months before coming to Colombo. Almost 3 years in Africa has surely given me lessons to learn from and stories to share.


I am Trader. In plain language, I buy and sell spices for a profit. And from being a 23-old fresher selling in the Nigerian market to Trading spices to the World I have come a long way. Learning has been extraordinary. From making a sale to establishing business relationship, everything has its DOs and DO NOTs. I will share my stories so that my mistakes will make you wiser.

So Life, Work and anything thats interesting and share worthy will eventually find its way in here.

P.S : How do you like my new blog design ? Good or bad, drop in a message in the comment about it if you have a minute. If you are motivated to start a blog seeing the design, you should start one soon. I can take blog designing projects, get in touch if you want to get one done !

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  • Great Resolution. 3 Years have given you enough stories & lessons to share. Wonder, how many lessons would have the last 10 years of life would have given me :), many for sure which I have been yearning to write but procrastinating. Although the design hasn’t given the motivation, but it has sure led me to ask you for the easiest available methods and toold I can use to make my blog look better :)

    • Hi Shikha, You can start your blog in less than 10 mins. There are predominantly 2 blogging platforms, Wordpress and Blogger. I Like Wordpress which gives the flexibility to design/customise. However even in Wordpress there are 2 option where-in in one you can choose to select a theme and start blogging right away, and the other involves hosting your domain, installing Wordpress etc. Easiest method for you would be to use a predesigned blog skin/theme. I suggest, you go to, follow the instructions there, and your blog will be up and running in no time. Share your blog URL once its done. Cheers !

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