From One island to Another

Madagascar, is where I live and work.Its the 4th largest Island according to the wikipedia, but I find myself in trouble every time I try to explain people in my home-city where this place actually is.

For them, its roughly a neighbor to South Africa, and I am pretty fine with that understanding.

It was the summer of 2012 in India when I decided I would take up a new job in Madagascar. I was on a vacation in India after a year’s work in Nigeria. For me Nigeria was fine too. But somehow my itchy feet brought me to Madagascar.


Madagascar was a great experience. Learned a bit of Malagasy(the local language), improved my understanding of French which I think will be useful in future.  Now, 15 months later I would be moving to another new place. I am excited about this new place. I always used to think of it as a younger(read tinier) brother to Madagascar. Quite identical to Madagascar, this too is an Island known for its beaches and natural beauty – Sri Lanka.

By the end of Oct, 2013 I am supposed to set for my next destination i.e Colombo. Being recently married, and living with my wife in Madagascar, I could not have thought of a better place to move.

Now when I look back, I can see the dots connecting. Connecting pretty well.

Apr’11 to Jun’12 – Nigeria

Jul’12 to Oct’13 – Madagascar

Just thought of connecting the countries on the map, and Boy! it was just short of a triangle, but good enough for me.
Getting closer to home.

Going from one place to another, is sometimes planned. We all work in our jobs with expectations, plans to go places in our job positions and geographically. And when something happens exactly as planned or expected it feels great. It feels like everything is going right. And thats what I am feeling now.

I am hoping its a good change. New place again with new responsibilities and Closer to home.

Thank you Lord !

P.S : People not sure of African countries, take a good look at the picture. You may go to bed with more geographical knowledge than before.

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  • Aravind NG

    It would be a easy task for some to achieve feat in life, when goals are set. Aspiration & Dedication would take us to the final destination, “Success”. I am sure you would shine more in your new place. Have a great stay. Congratulations PKG.

    • Thanks for your wishes bro. Thanks for dropping by.

  • Congrats on the move Praveen. Hope you have a bright future in Sri Lanka. Do continue putting up photos of the places you go to.

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