Embrace Uncertainty

I love uncertainty. And any sane person should love uncertainty ( do I sound bold or rude ?) I cannot imagine enjoying a life which is filled with certainty. When you know the outcomes, when everything is figured out, where is the spice in life ?

Most of the times, people, organizations, and managements ask us to fix the uncertainties or rather ban them. They have made us believe that its bad, harmful and destructive. Even if I agree to that a little, have we ever been able to fix it till now ?

We haven’t. We manage to get past by an unexpected outcome but most of the time we are never able to combat it.

One of my friends used to say, if you can’t beat someone, make him your friend. And that’s the message for today.

Embrace uncertainty ! Its not your enemy, it keeps you vigilant, keeps you on your toes and most important gives you a better life to live, the life humans should live and not machines.

Traders often say, there is no fun in working markets when they are sluggish without movement. Up or Down – movement and uncertainty pumps them up. And of course that’s what brings the best out of them. So rather than hating it, lets appreciate it for making our lives lively.

Has your life become routine, certain and predictable ? Time to change it, I guess.


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