6 tips on How to make more Money

When I was doing my graduation, I used to spend Rs.100 (approx. $ 2)  over a week. And sometimes I could manage with just Rs.50. And all this when I used to spend most of the money on my transport to go to college that was 10 kms away from my place. Its surprising to me when I think of it now.

How did I manage to do that ? Well, that is not important for now, for if I dig deeper I will have to tell you about my frugality which helped me get by with such a small amount.

What about now ?

Now, we all are making money, but it just doesn’t seem enough. Many people say these days – “if only I had some more earnings, I could have done that.” And that is somewhat true. Increase in income is always a good thing.

Though an extra income might not always help you find happiness, it can improve your financial situations by some margin. And surprisingly it is not difficult to make more money without getting into big risks.earn wisely

Here is how you can earn more :

1) Get a High paying Job

Everyone knows it, but highly neglected. You cannot deny, if you are working in a full time job, that is what makes most of the money for you by the end of the month. To get some more, you ought get paid more. You could start looking for a job that pays you higher than what you get right now. Never reject offers at the beginning, negotiate on offers and see if that adds value. No body charges you for negotiating, and you can always reject offers at the end if you do not like.

2) Ask for a raise

Everyone wants a raise, but not everyone gets it. To get paid more, you can ask your company to give a raise rather than quitting – if you like your company. But to demand a raise, you have to prove that you are indispensable to the company’s growth. Be a LINCHPIN

3) Save !

Simple yet effective, the only way to keep your bank balance healthy is not just earning. Save a little. Make your home budgets and you would be surprised to see how easily you can cut your expenses which doesn’t do any good to you. Don’t call it “being frugal”. Be reasonable, after all its your hard earned money

4) Invest

Most people advice to invest in a house. Though its a good idea, I would say invest in your career. Get a certification that can increase your chances for your next promotion quickly. Or get an advanced degree to improve your job prospects. Of all the things in this world, are you not the most precious asset for yourself  ?

5) Start a Project

Everyone has a hobby, you have it too. Look out for ways to monetize it. Start a project. Squeeze out some time to crystallize your ideas and put it in action. Do some consulting on subjects which you are very good at.

Offer a service for free and see if people are interested. It could be anything from writing an article at eHOW or a magazine, or improving people’s resume, making presentations or web-designing. Start small and put your service out. Use FIVERR to market your service for free.

On Facebook, I see many people share Warren Buffet’s tip on Earning.

Never depend on a single income. Make Investments to create a second source.

That’s a terrific idea, but sad very few of us act upon it.

6) Think about it !

You might not have done at least one of the above because you never thought(seriously) of ways to earning more. So, Think about it, and then you will start making an effort to change a few things.

I am not an expert, but am just someone like you who likes to improve his financial situation and I think it all starts from thinking in that direction. You would be surprised to see how wise it makes you once you start thinking about your earnings. Make some changes, if possible try one of the points I mentioned. And share your story with me in comments, I would love to hear it.

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    Excellent. But ideas should be in 7 steps not in 6. Jesus’s 7 words in Cross is all time popular and very effective in the lives of millions of people.



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